BuddhaWelcome to The Therapy Lounge – a beautiful setting in the heart of Fleet Town Centre, where our outstanding therapists can help you to achieve your goals.

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When Times Are Hard

When Talking Hurts

And Thinking Makes You Ache

The Therapy Lounge

Will Keep You Strong

In Every Form & Shape

When You Can’t Sleep

Don’t Go To Bed

Just Try To Rest Your Eyes

Don’t Sit and Stress

Try to Relax

And Let The Time Go By

Have Faith Right Now

And You Will Find

It Easier To Cope

Be Positive

For Your Own Sake

You Have To Have Some Hope

Don’t Give In

Or Get Tied Down

They Can Show You The Way

You Have To Know

You Can Get By

Listen to What They Say

I Believe

And So Should You

This Testing Time Will Pass

And All Your Love

And All Your Strength

From Therapy Will Last

(written by a Therapy Lounge Client – Thank You!)