The Therapy Lounge


Practicing at The Therapy Lounge in Fleet, we offer both osteopathy and cranial osteopathy treatments for people of all ages, ranging from new-born babies to the elderly.

The most common conditions that we treat are back pain, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, headaches, sinus problems, tummy pain and reflux in babies.

Fleet Osteopathy is owned and run by Steve Hall (BSc (Hons) Ost)-registered structural and cranial osteopath.

Steve graduated from the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine (SIOM) in 2005. Prior to that, he trained as a Sports Therapist, gaining further qualifications in Sports Massage technique, Biomechanics and Bowen therapy.

Prior to practicing at The Therapy Lounge, Steve had a successful clinic (The Century Clinic, Hartley Witney), built on reputation and experience. After 11 years, Steve felt the need for a change and continue his trusting relationship with the therapists at The Therapy Lounge in Fleet.

Over the years, Steve has continued his education and training in the field of Cranial Osteopathy, with The Sutherland Society and Rollin Becker as well as continuing to develop his Classical approach to Osteopathy.


New patient sessions (including initial consultation and medical history taking) can last up to 1 hour and are charged at £50. Every session thereafter is approximately 40 minutes and is charged at £45.

Payment is by cash or cheque payable at the end of each session. If you have private medical insurance you may be required to have a GP referral. Please check with your own insurance company before attending.


We understand that life is busy and sometimes unpredictable, so we are happy to cancel and reschedule appointments. We try to be as flexible as possible, but appointment cancellations mean that we are unable to treat other patients, so for short-notice cancellations, we do charge a fee.

Appointments cancelled with more than 24 hours’ notice will incur no cancellation charge, however, appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged 50% of the normal treatment cost.

Please check for any further information.