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Shamanic Healing

What is Shamanism?

Shaman practitioner’s communicate with the spirit world – seeing, hearing and feeling the messages from the spirit beings, who communicate in metaphors.  The new Shamanism as we know it today originates from Russia, from as long as 40,000 years ago.  Research has found that shamanism is the oldest healing method used possibly originating from a time a lot older.  Shaman means ‘the one who knows’.


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What is Shamanic healing good for?

Shamanism is excellent for healing all body, mind, spirit and soul areas.  It can be especially good for solving a particular problem or question you may have relating to anything.  It can help you to reconnect with your power animal providing missing elements in your life.

What happens in the session?

You lie down and relax. As the spiritual mentor, I would go on a spiritual journey and ask for guidance from the spirit world for your highest good to accommodate self-healing or get answers to your question and empower personal growth. I would return to you any missing soul parts that will help you move on.   My role is to provide you with the exact messages as they are given to me which you then interpret, as this is your message and shamanism allows you free spirit authority – you are your own authority.

Medicine Cards

Animals are always sending us messages, each animal has a special quality which we can all relate to at one point of our lives. We can also ‘call’ a particular animal to us to gain its special strengths at any time.   The medicine cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson are fantastic to use for mind, body, spirit and soul healing.  Using these cards open things up for us, sometimes used as part of the healing sessions.

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Cost: £115 / 1 hour