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Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear CandlingAlso known as thermal auricular therapy, ear candling is a natural therapy that places narrow candles in the ears. They work in the same way as a chimney, drawing impurities to the surface where they can then be safely removed. Ear candling can help to equalise the pressure in the head and ears. The candles themselves are made from cotton or linen that has been impregnated with beeswax, honey and therapeutic oils.

What Ear Candling Can Be Used For ?

Ear candling can be used to treat a variety of conditions. They are great for the following:

  • Excessive or compacted wax in the ears
  • Irritation in the ears or sinuses
  • Helping to regulate the pressure in the head and ears if you are suffering from a condition such as colds and flu, rhinitis, sinusitis and headaches
  • Stimulating energy flow
  • Relaxing and calming stress
  • Tinnitus, ringing in the ears, etc

Ear candling is generally a very safe procedure but they should not be used if you have grommets in the ear, if you have inflammation or infection present in the ears, if you have perforated ear drums, if you have had recent ear surgery, or if you have an allergic reaction at all to any of the ingredients in the candles. It is possible to use ear candling in place of syringing the ears.

If you have any doubts about whether ear candling is suitable for you, you can check with the candling practitioner or alternatively with your GP.

What to Expect From Ear Candling?

Hopi Ear CandlingYou will be asked to lie down on the treatment couch, usually on your side, supported by pillows & covered by a blanket if you would like. Relaxation music is often played.

The candle is then gently placed into your ear canal and lit. The therapist will hold the candle vertically throughout the treatment. You will most likely hear a crackling sound, which is not at all unpleasant. Once the candle has burnt down, the ear is gently cleaned of any candle residue before turning over to treat the other ear. A facial massage or cranial sacral therapy is sometimes included after the ear candling process is done – but this is discussed with you in advance.

You should feel relaxed through the entire treatment. Sessions generally last for half an hour (longer if fascial massage or other therapies are added). You don’t have to worry about anything falling into your ear as there is a plug, in the candle, that will stop this.


Cost 30 mins at £35