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Shamanic Drumming Meditation

These meditation workshops are unique. As well as being taken through a guided meditation, you will experience healing from shamanic drumming and other sound therapies from around the World. You will gain insight from intuitive healing cards. And combining all of the above with healing essence room sprays, you will feel that deep relaxation, that we all need so much nowadays.

Meditation is such a personal and empowering practice to follow, benefiting the mind, body, soul and spirit.

In our incredibly busy lives, it is important to have ‘me’ time: to balance, harmonise and uplift ourselves, so we can be at our best at all times.

Meditation helps us to get to know ourselves, to connect with our inner core of being. Making us become more self aware, regulating our emotions and balancing our body awareness.

Here are a few things regular meditation helps with

  • increase creativity
  • improve concentration
  • increase memory retention
  • increase the happy hormones (serotonin)
  • reduce stress
  • reduce high blood pressure
  • reduce the risk of heart attack
  • decrease depression

Breaking the pattern of stress

Gaining empowerment

Discovering the freedom of choice

Increase self-esteem and strengthen self-belief

Learning to relax

Connecting and exploring with personal truth

Deep core strengthening

One-to-one sessions personalized just for you at a mutually convenient time

What to expect

You will be taken through a guided meditation, experience healing from shamanic drumming and other sound therapies from around the World and gain insight from powerful intuitive healing cards.


£12/hour for a group session

£115 for a one-to-one healing session

Please contact Jovi to discuss further or to book a space.

Text only: 07578 445666