The Therapy Lounge

Pacific Fusion

This special massage has been developed using Thai, Lomilomi and Balinese moves to create a soothing and meditative treatment. It will lift your spirits and release both mental and physical blockages. Hot cocoa butter oil infused with exotic scents such as coconut, vanilla, bergamot and neroli will be used to drench your skin leaving it soft, nourished and glowing.

LomiLomi is a traditional Hawaiian rights of passage treatment allowing you to prepare body and mind for great changes ahead. This treatment is used for preparing for marriage, conception, new career, moving location, conquering grieve or even prepare body for physical challenges ahead. It has been around for centuries and is widely used in the Pacific.

Balineese is an holistic deep pressure massage using acupressure, long stretches and reflexology. This stimulate blood flow and improves the qi (body energy).

Thai massage includes pulling, rocking and manipulating muscles using therapists arms, hands and legs.

Pacific Fusion will use all of these techniques in combination with soothing island music to transport you to a different part of the world. Allow yourself to mentally let go and surrender yourself to a higher level of wellbeing.

Cost £65 per 60 min /  £85 per 90 mins.