The Therapy Lounge

Past Life Meditation

This 1.5hr session is based on a meditation that has been written by a well-respected psychotherapist, Dr Brian Weiss. Through his investigation to help one of his client’s to get rid of her phobias, Dr Weiss found that past life regression was the technique that worked.

My experience in past life regression has been through the weekly meditation workshops and during one-to-one Shamanic healing sessions. I have been led to run these sessions to give people the opportunity to understand themselves better, to remove obstacles and clear old belief systems..

At this workshop, you will be taken to one or more previous lifetime(s), where you may learn something about yourself that will help to explain why you

  • behave like you do
  • have insight in something you have never studied
  • have a phobia(s)
  • feel anxious about something

We will then actively send healing to that lifetime event.

To clarify, we are not aiming to change the actual event – we cannot change it, it did happen. What we will be doing however, is to change the ‘energy’ that is linked to the event to get rid of the phobia or feeling of anxiety, so it doesn’t hold you back any longer and you can let go and be free to move forward easily in your life.

Cost £30/ session