The Therapy Lounge

Take Back Your Power

This 2.5hr workshop opens with a meditation to open your senses and honour all directions.

This workshop looks at what psychic threats are and how they can affect you, some can be extremely subtle – the more you become aware, the more you can be in your own power.

Have you ever had an inexplicable pain/illness or other symptom that suddenly appeared? We will look at what types of symptoms these can include and how to trace the route cause. You will learn techniques to diagnose and cure using sacred geometry, rituals, amulets, herbs and crystals.

We will go through lots of different ways of strengthening our whole selves with self-healing meditations, preventative exercises, neutralising threats and balancing .

A powerful interactive workshop which provides you with a lot of information you can take away with you to practice on your own.

Contact Jovi

Text only 07578 445666

Cost £85/session